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Fire Damper Inspection by Full Range Fire Safety

Fire Damper Sydney

Fire Dampers

Fire dampers play a crucial role in the fire protection of a building, as they are designed to close  in the event of a fire, helping to prevent the spread of smoke and flames.

That’s why a Fire Damper inspection is an essential part of a comprehensive fire safety plan. And when it comes to damper inspections, Full Range Fire Safety is your trusted source.
Our experienced inspectors have the knowledge and expertise to thoroughly evaluate your mechanical damper system, ensuring that it’s functioning correctly and providing the necessary protection in the event of a fire.
During a mechanical damper inspection, our inspectors will perform a number of tasks, including:
Our team will prepare a detailed report of their findings, including any necessary repairs or maintenance recommendations.
This report can serve as a valuable resource for building owners and managers, as it provides a clear understanding of the condition of their mechanical damper system and helps to ensure that it’s providing the necessary fire protection.

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